15-17 MAY 2024




We live in times of liminality, where traditional values are constantly called into question, examined, and replaced by new ones. In an era marked by ecological, socio-economic, and geopolitical changes and challenges, Cumulus Budapest 2024 hosted by the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest invites you to engage in a critical discourse on the dynamic nature of tradition and the shifting horizons of art and design. Join us as we navigate contemporary design culture and explore the "revaluation of values" in our rapidly evolving world. 

Can't make it in person? No problem – we've got you covered! Stream the event live and join us virtually at Cumulus 2024 online!



Experience cutting-edge content and get inspired by renowned keynote speakers such as

  • Dr. Robin Schuldenfrei the Tangen Reader in 20th Century Modernism at The Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London,
  • Vladan Joler, professor at the New Media Department of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and co-founder of SHARE Lab and
  • Eric Zimmerman game designer and professor at the NYU Game Center, co-founder of The Institute of Play

Enjoy the benefits of the virtual ticket, including

  • Three days of live streaming on one channel from the main auditorium: keynotes, plenary meetings, paper sessions
  • Use of hybrid event platform during the entire conference
  • Post-conference recordings, accessible during and after the conference

You can watch all lectures taking place in the main Auditorium hall of the venue, for example

  • Bridging by Design: A Designerly Approach for Cities to Support Innovation Processes in the Urban Context by Prof. Nicola Morelli (Aalborg University)
  • Food Forward: Design Futures to Support Alternative Food Systems in Urban Areas by Lucia Viganego Ballesteros (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Designing for Equity and Justice: Lessons from Public Libraries Spaces by Dr Cassio Carvalho (Center for Innovation in Territory, Urbanism, and Architecture)
  • Natura Artis Magistra: The Endosymbiotic Development Model in The Future Art Academy by Dr Marc Boumeester (ArtEZ University of the Arts)

... and many more!


Why Attend

Engage with a community of thinkers to examine current tensions within design and its parallels with societal changes

Connect with academics, educators, and art and design professionals from around the world to discuss and consider new perspectives

Delve into strategic design, systems thinking, and co-creation with a focus on more-than-human design approaches

Reflect on László Moholy-Nagy's vision of a dynamic tradition in light of today's volatile global climate and collapsing value structures


Bonus Content

As a virtual conference guest, in addition you get access

You can access the bonus content during and after the conference.

Conference Tracks

Centres and Peripheries will investigate the critical history of art and design, dominant-mainstream versus local-marginal design cultures, geopolitical tensions, post-colonial theory, and the influence of capitalism and (techno)-neo-feudalism on design and art.

Converging Bodies of Knowledge will explore the role of art and design education in bridging the gap between different knowledge domains in the face of global challenges, and the intersections of art and design, with a focus on stakeholder diversity and collaboration.

Redefining Data Boundaries will probe the evolving relationship between data, ethics, and creativity, revisiting the role of information and questioning the limits of experimentation in shaping artistic identities and outputs.

Bridging Design and Economics will analyse how design influences and is influenced by the economic contexts within which it operates, and delve into the narratives of governmental policy design and new alternative economic frameworks.

Speculative Perspectives will cover critical and speculative design and address the changing perspectives of design thinking, with the question whether the role of design can transcend established market-driven, human-centred boundaries in mind.

The Power of Immersion will explore how to design impactful immersive environments and uncover the references of their designers, from theme parks to VR settings, and how these experiences can shape our perception of reality.

The Future of Well-being will reconsider, reconceptualise, and challenge the everyday belief that modern design improves the quality of life, including its mental, psychological, somatic, interpersonal, and environmental dimensions.

Taming Entropy: Systems Design for Climate and Change will discuss the role of design in systemic sustainability and climate resilience, addressing whether sustainable design is merely another method of shaping commodities, or it can encompass a comprehensive systems perspective.

Ways of Living Together will look into the power of design in tackling social issues and fostering inclusivity, explore the issues of communities and design, participatory design, and design activism.

Please note, not all tracks and sessions will be streamed online.

More information on the event schedule and speakers here.



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